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This is my invention for the day. 

Use of magnetic tool holders is a very old, but handy way to organize tools.  My contribution to Magnetic Tool Holders is to use small, strong magnets (12 mm diameter) attached to a metal bar or in the photo, to my card table edge.  That in itself is still not very significant. However HOW the tools are hung from the magnets is significant.

The problem:  If I put the magnets vertically and hang the tools vertically, the surface area of the magnet is such that often the attraction between the tool and the magnet causes the magnet to stay with the tool instead of with the table.  A magnet sticking to the tool, can be very annoying.

The solution:  Placing the magnets horizontally--at the bottom--AND hanging the tools by their tips allows for very easy detachment and attachment.  The magnetic force is strong enough to hold some very heavy tools, like the pliers or long nose pliers without any difficulty.  The tools are easily removed and easily replaced. 

This would also apply to any magnetic strip.  

The key thought of the day: Hang tools from magnetic tool holders by their tips.

Of course, another solution is to glue the magnets to the supporting bar--wood or metal--and clamp the supporting bar to the table.  That works as well, but is more permanent and is a little more work.  Also, if the magnets are allowed to attach by their full surface area to the tools, the tools are hard to remove.  


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3 years ago

Quite nice but there is a reason I abandoned magnets for this purpose : Magnetism...
For some it is just a nice way to get organised, for me it simply is annoying if my tools become attracted to all magnetic stuff around.
Especially pliers or screwdrivers - nothing is more annyoing than collecting fine matal crap that causes rust everywhere ;)
Or try to some serious SMD work if all the parts stay stuck to your tweezers...