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Tips for cleaning a coated monitor? Answered

I have a very large and very nice silicon graphics monitor, but the screen marks very easily. It's coated in something purple that I assume is some sort of anti-reflective coating. Basicly the problems are that pretty much anything that touches will mark it and the marks are occasionally difficult to remove. Cleaning it also leaves smear marks that can only really be removed by rubbing the screen quite hard with a cloth and crap just seem to collect around the edges. I've tried water/soap/petrol/alcohol and pretty much anything else i can get my hands on but nothing seems to work. Any tips?



11 years ago

Window cleaner + cloth will work well =)


Reply 11 years ago

It's a big improvement on a black screen, there's still a few cloth-was-here marks but that's more a case of me being fussy then anything. It's probably a choice of cloth / technique thing from here on in.