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Tips needed on the best way to improve my "Rover Spy Tank" Answered

Hello everyone, I thank you for taking the time to read this. I am sorry for the report, but after posting in the tech area. I realized that I posted  it was in the wrong area. 

I just bought a "Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank" from Brookstone. I like the tank, but there are a few things that I would like to improve one it.
  • For a spy tank the motors that drive the tank make way too much noise. 
Does anyone have any tips on how reduce the amount of noise the motors are making?
  • I would like to lower the height of the WiFi antenna, and boost the range the the antenna.
Does anyone have any tip on the best way to do this?
Here is one of the many reviews on Rover on the web. LINK

Thank you again for your time, and any help you might have for me.



7 years ago

(Tech is the right place - I've moved it back there)

Noise: have you tried lubricating the gears?

Height: if you shorten the aerial, you'll lose signal. Maybe cut a notch in the bodywork and lay the aerial down into it?


7 years ago

You can use EZ-Builder to control it. Now that's a pretty wicked improvement :)


Reply 7 years ago

i got one already and looking so far to buy a few more
great board and software