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Tips on Welding Answered

This is s a general forum for people to post questions and tips they have found over the time they've spent welding My question/tip is this - I recently had to weld two pieces of oddly shaped steel together. Placement and alignment was important for me but the shapes of the steel pieces made clamping them together a bit of a mission. My solution was to position and hold the pieces of steel using prestik (probably the south african equivalent of U.S. bluetack - maybe chewing gum could work) and then the steel pieces didn't move while I tacked them in place. My question is obviously whether this is a questionable practice because of fumes (I didn't notice any) or weakening of the weld from the prestik inclusion (it seems to be holding quite nicely though and the piece is now the switch activator for a press strip feeder. If you can't think of any problems then its a tip



8 years ago

I have often thought welding is a survival skill and as such have considered trying to learn it. My qustion is this:" While looking at the galaxy of equipment, I always lean towards equipment most applicable for the buck. Has anyone here looked at or even better, tried the Multiphaz welder? No, I'n not plugging it. I saw an add for it and I was intrigued.... any thoughts?


10 years ago

I wouldn't suggest welding over it, but it would be fine for holding it while you tack and then removing it. You always want to weld to a clean surface, otherwise you risk weakness and even cracking. I always seem to be able to find the right combination of clamps and vice grips to get the job done.