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To get the HEX code? Answered

Wow! What a class! Fantastic! Please try to hang on with me and with some questions?
Me 66+ to age but I was born ”allmost” the same time as the transistor was invented.
I’ve written a dozen+ program’s in assambler (The ST62xx family). Now in my elderedily days ”found” the Arduino-world.. that is the next level up with a programming language.. fair enough, (sure there was these Basic+ Basic++ Visual Basic etc.)
My basical question actually relays to that:
In the program there is allways this #include
Good enough, I can open it with just any text some, but it’s in HEX.
There was a time when I wrote in assambler and translated it to a machinecode (HEX)
This translator from assamble to HEX gave in the same run a file called *.LIS there the HEX was explined in the matter of the author creating it.
My question is this: Can You please give me the detailed part in the program that is include?
Please? Beause I would like to have a total control of my projects including them included.h