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To repair Razer Kraken Pro V2 headphone jack Answered

Good morning,

I'm a new member of this family:)

I'm trying to replace broken jack4 Pole connections / colour of wires on broken headphone jack on Razer Kraken Pro V2. the old one has (Red, Green, yellow and white with shield to solder on new plug.

Hopefully, someone provide the correct connection locations with colour of wires

I appreciate your time and efforts.

Thanks in advance



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1 year ago

Green is Left speaker (tip)
Red is right speaker (2nd)
Yellow is GND (3rd)
White is MIC (4th, bottom one)

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

I suggest doing some testing to discover which wire is which, rather than expecting the colors of the wires to tell you their functions.

The reason why, is because the manufacturer of these headphones made them to be disposable. You see, if the device is not intended to be repaired(i.e. opened up and examined by someone later), then there is no actual need for the manufacturer to use specific wire colors for specific wire functions.

But don't worry. Testing headphone wires is simple. There are only 4 wires to discover:

left headphone
right headphone

The wire called "ground" or "common" is shared in common with all three of those devices {left headphone, right headphone, microphone}

If you use a weak voltage source, like a single AA or AAA cell, to send a brief test current through any pair (2) of wires, and those happen to be connected to a headphone, you will hear scritchy, clicky noises being emitted by that heaphone, and thus you know those two wires are a headphone wire and ground wire. Further testing will allow you find the other headphone wire.

Also, I imagine, a test current through the pair {left headphone, right headphone} will cause both headphones to emit sound at the same time.

I expect pairs that include the microphone wire {microphone, x} will tend to not make any noise on the speakers. Although, that is a guess. I have not actually tried this, since most of the headphones I have repaired were the 3-wire variety, consisting of {left headphone, right headphone, ground} wires.

Regarding the wiring of the plug, there are web pages out there, showing typical wiring for a TRRS (tip, ring, ring, sleeve) headphone plug, e.g.


found via DuckDuckGo search for "trrs headphone plug pinout"


Although you could probably just discover those too, if there is audio signal, like music, present on these wires. That is, just connect a headphone speaker across a pair of those wires, and you will hear music playing through the speaker.