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To which gaming console this gamepad belong to and can i use it with a pc? Answered

Hello! I'm new at Instructables. Plz give reply to my question. During childhood I used to have a game console just like the NES, SNES, etc. I don't own it now but i still have its gamepad and cassettes. I want to use it with my pc as a HID device to play games. But i don't know that which console i had and so I don't know the type of communication its gamepad had with the console (serial, analogue, or digital). So i'm unable to use it with my pc. 
It has a DB 9 plug but not all the 9 pin holes are accomodated. Only five of them are, ie, it has only five wires. I have given the images of the cassette ( that contained the roms) and the plug (DB9) and the internal circuitry. As you can see there is no complex circuit in it. It just has a big black dot which contains the program of the game pad. This gamepad used to perform 8 different actions ( up, down, left, right, select, start, A, and B). The rest of the buttons are just like a turbo button for A and B buttons. If you know which console it belongs to, plz tell me and if you also know the way to hook it up to a pc the it is much better. Thanks in advance.



Best Answer 4 years ago

U-Hid is fairly straight forward.


Looks like it's an off brand game console. So you will be hard pressed to find a PC converter. That same off brand problem will make it difficult to hack the Signal coming from the controller.

If you use the U-HID I linked to up to then you can interface directly with the buttons. I'll warn you up front that it's not an Easy task but you could probably pull it off :P

Use some really light sand paper to remove the protective green coating. Be careful not to go too deep or you will sand right through the traces >.< If you start further away from the button it's self, that will allow you a few tries to get it right.

Then simply solder wire leads onto the exposed traces, then back to the U-HID. If you think the U-Hid is too big there's a nano version but it is limited to 8 inputs (Maybe use 2?)


Answer 4 years ago

Thanks wired_mist. I have ordered a uhid board and looking forward to its arrival. However i will not use it with the gamepad but i have several other ideas in my mind. Thnxx again.


Answer 4 years ago

After looking a bit closer I've noticed there are 5 wires coming out. To me that says Shift Register ! Any thoughts out there?

Still, without Documentation it's a tall order to hack the Signal >.<