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Toggle between front and rear view cameras on one display in car? Answered

I installed a front and rear view camera in my car, have a display that only accepts 1 RCA input, and want to be able to toggle between the two video feeds.  I've seen pictures of other people that have done this with what appears to be a simple toggle switch but I can't find any wiring diagrams/instructions.  Can anyone shine some light on this for me and explain how to do it? 



8 years ago

I'll try both suggestions. Thanks for the help!


8 years ago

You need a DPDT switch (Double Pole Double Throw). A DPDT switch will have 6 pins in two rows of three. If you attach an RCA plug to each pair of pins, then the center one will go to the display, and the ones on the end will go to the two cameras. Then flipping the switch will change which camera is connected to the display.

So, if the pins were numbered like this:

1 2 3
4 5 6

Then you would connect:
Monitor + : 2
Monitor - : 5
Camera 1 + : 1
Camera 1 - : 4
Camera 2 + : 3
Camera 2 - : 6


Reply 8 years ago

.  Should be able to use a SPDT switch and just switch the center conductors, wiring all the shields together. A car is an electrically noisy environment, so a shielded box would be a good idea.