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TomTom 1 3rd Edition Answered

Is it possible to remove the memory card in a TomTom 1 3rd Edition Sat Nav or is it a built in hard drive. I want to put other maps on but can't. Cheers


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11 years ago

Unfortunately you cannot remove the "memory card" as it doesn't contain one as such, the memory is part of the unit and cannot be removed easily and defiantly not without voiding your warranty, you would also need specialist hardware to write to it if you did remove it. Having said that you can plug your TomTom into your computer and install the applicable software (it will need to be downloaded from the net by your TomTom) there is provision in that to load more countries into your TomTom (at a cost) and it will update your existing maps for you free of charge! you can also put on cool voices like Mr T, the Queen and Billy Connelly Hope this helps