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Top 3 Free AVI to MP4 Converter Answered

If you have recently put some video onto your PC, but find that it won’t play on other devices, then it may be the file type. AVI is an extremely common file type, but at the same time it does not work on many mobile devices. It also requires quite a select style of media player to use. However, converting AVI files to MP4 is really simple, and converting to MP4 allows your video file to work with ease with many devices like your Smartphones and Tablets. It also works with PSPs and other similar handheld devices, making it one of the most versatile file types out

there. There are many great, free to use converters out there that can provide a wide array of features to make your conversion process even more efficient. We have drilled down to find three of the best free to use AVI to MP4 converters available;


HandBrake is well recognized as one of the most efficient open source video converter. It can handle just about any of the “main” video types, including AVI. It’s free to use, it can be used on any platform like Windows or Mac, and it’s got an excellent interface.
It even comes with a wide selection of presets, so you can set your converted file to be whatever size you need it to be. Just select the preset you need from the drop-down menu and convert away! This is one of the simplest to use online converters, and will complete the job in minutes.

Format Factory

The aptly named Format Factory will help you churn out converted files and images in seconds. It provides support for just about any audio or video format you can think of, including images and animations. As well as this, you can rip to DVD or CD straight from the same software.

Free to use, easy to run and simple to master, this effective piece of conversion software supports up to 62 languages. It can even repair damaged audio, and compress the file size to fit onto smaller volumes when needed.


This easy to use cross-platform solution to your conversion needs is one of the most well-known video and audio converters. However, it does not just help you convert the file with ease, it can even record and stream any audio or video you require.
It comes with a variety of extras and plug-ins that can be installed for even better functionality. It may not have the presets and the enhanced features of the above two, but it offers a really slick process nonetheless.

However, these main converters all have their cons. Some of them are a little slow to use, and others are very limited in the features they provide other than converting. As well as this, any additional features you might need are very difficult to install or even locate. If you are looking for something a bit more powerful, albeit at a cost, then Wondershare Video Converter is for you. Wondershare comes in a trial version and a premium version, known as Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. It provides a full arsenal of great features and additions that you simply do not get with free converters. Here is a tutorial shows you how to convert avi to mp4 with this tool.

For a start, it is roughly 30x faster than any free converter out there on the web at the moment. Using a unique style of APEXTRANS technology, this converts your files faster than you can even start the process!

As well as supporting well over 158 formats of audio, video and image, you can convert your files for DVD usage and burn them all in the one process. You can even add templates to your DVD menus, so you can be as customized as you possibly like. Wondershare isn’t just a conversion program – it’s a full media desktop all in the one file.

Between enhancing the quality of your images and movies to downloading instantly from the likes of YouTube, you can really create a library of stunning, professional files without ever having to turn to a professional.