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Top 5 new Instructables Answered

Another week has ended and we tallied up the numbers to see what were the most popular new Instructables. This top 5 list covers the Instructables that were published within the last week that had the most pageviews.

Leading the list is our intern, drinkmorecoffee, who finished his time here with his 6-cent throwie Instructable. The rest of the Instructables show that laptops, LEDs, and tasty treats get a lot of attention as they should.

So check out this top 5 list and come back next week for our next round-up!

6 Cent LED Throwie
Make an LED Throwie for 6 (six) cents - it's the cheapest Throwie ever!LED Throwies are popular contraptions made of a battery, an LED, and a magnet all taped together. This...
posted by drinkmorecoffee on May 8, 2009
Laptop Bubble Stand
Everyone is always making laptop stands that, albeit functional, are rather hideous to look at. This becomes less than ideal when you consider that typically, when the laptop ...
posted by randofo on May 12, 2009
With energy at shortage, we strive to conserve. Although we attempt to buy the greenest electronics and turn them off as much as we can, we still find ourselves with those en...
posted by aandre on May 10, 2009
Pie in a Jar
Tiny pies.Made in jars.Frozen to create individual freshly baked pies when you want them.What could be more adorable?
posted by scoochmaroo on May 11, 2009
Building a real woodworker's workbench
There are a number of instructables on building "workbenches" of various degrees of cost and sophistication, but most of them are really just tables. They'd work fi...
posted by jdege on May 11, 2009



10 years ago

Whoa! 6 cent throwies?! Awesome!


Reply 10 years ago

The YTMMND has returned! (You're The Muffin Man Now Dog) Some people just have the knack for new ideas, don't they? Kinda like a SIXTH CENTS (led throwie)....


10 years ago

I love the 6 cent LED! I dont know how to cook the Jarpie though... -PKT