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Top of page everytime right click Answered

Wherever i right click and select open in new tab the page jumps to top.

Like in main page www.instructables.com there are many projects so i dont want to go back and forth, so what i do is open projects in multiple tabs, i right click on link and select "open in new tab" and everytime i do it the page jumps to top, like the links are in bottom so when i do it jumps to top where the banner is Lets make __________.

Please fix this problem its very annoying.
Browser google chrome and firefox mozilla.


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7 years ago

Thanks for letting us know. This is a known issue with the rotating banner on the home page. If you navigate to 'explore' you can still view all the projects, but with no banner to jump the page back up.

We're working on a fix for that in a small update that we'll be pushing out soon.