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Toshiba Dvd Player Problem Answered

This lady gave me an older dvd player (Toshiba SD-2150) and she had it hooked up at her house, but the cd started skipping about half way in, and it would contiunously cut out for 10 seconds then resume playback and then cut out again and so on and so forth.

As you'll see in the pictures, I've taken it apart down to the laser assembly (only took me 10 minutes incase you're wondering). The apparent problem to me is something is wrong with the gear assembly that moves the laser head. When I turn it by hand, it moves freely for about half a turn then it feels like the gear is catching on something, and if I turn it harder it keeps moving, it's not stripped, but it almost "feels" like theres a hump in the gear or something. I keep looking at the gear and nothing looks wrong with the teeth or anything!

I was just going to put 3-in-1 oil on it and see how that helps and put it back together.  Does anyone have any suggestions?


I tried many things with various tools I had sitting here to try and straighten out the one tooth on the gear with no success. However with the little bit of melting/bending I did and the 3-in-1 oil, I got it to catch on the gear less easily. After re-installing the optical assembly and testing it on my stereo with the cover off, it appears not to skip anymore, DVD's too. However, I'm still not confident in how long this "repair" is going to work. The best solution I think is to replace the smallest gear on the motor, but I cannot find one close enough.


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11 years ago

.  Two guesses:
1) The shaft for one or more of the gears is bent.
2) The bearing surface on one or more of the gears is worn.


Reply 11 years ago

 Upon super close inspection, turns out its the small gear on the motor. One of the gears has a slightly bigger gap than the others. I've tried to bend it with my wire strippers but no go without breaking it. I also just took apart 4 cd-rom drives looking for a motor with a similar gear on it and alas, no luck.

I know I've taken one apart with a very similar motor but I simply cannot find it or the parts from it.