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Toshiba laptop screen? Answered

Hi From Scotland
Hope someone can help I am not a complete novice I do some repairs to family members desktops but never tried a laptop, so the its a Toshiba Satellite A200-27U the screen is black I have tried on a mionter and everthing  works fine so is it the Lcd or something else I could look any help would be welcome .




9 years ago

Often te screen is just turned off. Otherwise check the ribbon cable supplying it.

Nostalgic Guy

9 years ago

The first thing I would do is check that someone has not inadvertently changed the display output to monitor only. With the laptop plugged into a monitor try using the Fn F5 keys together, press & release the wait a few seconds & try again keeping an eye on what is happening on the monitor, this should cycle the machine between LDC, monitor or both as the display option. It may well turn out that this is not your problem but I have had "Dead" laptops brought to me a few times that turned out to be fine but locked into monitor mode so now I always try this first.
I have included a link to the Toshiba site where you can get a manual for your machine just in case you don't have one.


Good luck with it I hope you resolve it soon.