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Toshiba laptop windows Vista computer updated to windows 7 wifi not working? Answered

I updated my Toshiba Satellite P200 -R2 Laptop to windows 7. It installed properly but there is no wifi driver. The laptop doesn't detect the wifi hardware in it when i do a plug and play. Is there a package i'm suppose to download off of Toshiba? Is there a laptop version of Windows 7 i was suppose to buy? If so can i just download the package for it?



Best Answer 7 years ago

go to the toshiba support site, go the downloads portion and follow the prompts,you will provide make , model # yada yada yada,it will provide you with all the updated drivers pretaining to your particular model,select the one you need download and install.
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Answer 7 years ago

worst case, try installing the vista driver...worked for my old hardware when I updated to 7 from vista. there 'was no' win7 driver for anything on my laptop, but install the vista 64 package and bam, everything worked.


7 years ago

It's possible that Win 7 is not supported by the WiFi device. When you go to device manager, does it show up there? If so, just try to update the device driver. If not, try flashing the BIOS and updating the motherboard drivers. Then look and see if device manager sees it. If all of the above fails, just go and get a WiFi to usb adapter. I have a micro adapter that I got for $20. :)

The Skinnerz

7 years ago

Find the make and model of the WiFi card, then search for the driver for it. Just make sure the numbers match up exactly for model and version of windows.