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Touch Tablet from a Pocket PC? Can a 7 inch display be added to a WM5 Pocket PC so as to make a touch display tablet? Answered

I use a WM5 Dell AXIM X51 to read e-books and not much else. I use the PIM features and sometimes a spirited game of Bejeweled but that's about all. As I said it's 98% e-book using MobiPocket Reader. I don't want to blow $350 on a Kindle (an expensive black and white one trick pony) and I think e-ink is just a buzz word. I've already added a download of Wikipedia, put it in a cover that says "Don't Panic" and would like to take it to the next level. I mean, I can buy them refurbed for $98, why do I need a Kindle?



10 years ago

I don't believe that this is something that would be easily possible. Maybe if you had an EE degree. There might be some sort of VNC server you could install on your dell axim, and view it on a laptop , but that sort of defeats the purpose.


Answer 10 years ago

also, please don't double post questions...