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Touchtable that can detect object without Fiducials Answered


I was wondering if anyone know how I could do something like the Ibar. I want somthing that can detect any form on a table without the use of fiducials. I know how to track fingers with IR camera but I don't think it could work with an object like a spoon or a glass of water...

thx for your help.


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11 years ago

any fiducial optical type system (reactivision/reactable etc..) can recognize any shape....the reason that MOST of these systems use fiducials is because it's a completely unique shape...where as every glass that you would put on the table is going to show up as a circle on the camera...so you can only have one circle thing recognized....same with a spoon (though it would probably show up as a circle or elipse with a triangle)

you may need to tweak the camera sensitivity to get it to track correctly...but it should work with things like that...as long as you always want a circle (no matter what's in that circle) to cause the same action