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Trakpower TK-950 soldering station worth it? Answered

Hey guys!

I bought a Chinese knock off 60W variable temp soldering iron for $15CAD and used it intensively for more than a year now and the end of the part holding the tip just started to rust away and doesn't hold the tip in place anymore.

Needless to say, I have enough of this and want to get a decent soldering iron, I was planning to get the Hakko FX888D as you can't get the analog knob model anymore but it's only available online from the US and comes up to $180-200CAD with the shipping which is way too expensive. I can get the TrackPower TK-950 (TeamCheckpoint TC-950 is basically the same one but the older version) for $130CAD with a 5 years warranty at my local store, it seem like a clone of the Hakko 936 but what kind of quality is it? Perhaps like the Yihua?
If you guys know anything about it or any other recommendations on soldering stations I can get for around the same price with better quality in Canada, it'd be great!

I do a lot of soldering through hole only for now and I also do a lot of desoldering, this is how I get most of my electronic components so I need a soldering station that will last me for a while and that doesn't smell like a Chinese knock off out of the box.

Thanks for your time. :)



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Reply 5 years ago

I checked on the Weller and after searching all over the internet for all the soldering stations available, I think I'll just go with the re-branded Hakko TrakPower TK-950 as I heard that Weller are having quality issues with the cheaper models in the last few years, more expensive units seems to have great reviews, though.

With a 5 years warranty, I'm pretty much on the safe side. :)