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Transfering files from Windows 98 laptop to Vista-64 bit desktop..... Answered

My former wife has an old laptop that has windows 98 on it. She broke the screen on it and asked if I could save her files on a disk for her. I have a Dell Inspiron running Windows Vista Home Premium. Is there anyway to transfer her files to my computer or disk drive w/o buying a $45 dollar cable (preferably a usb cable which I already have)? Also I have a KVM swich because I am running two computers on 1 monitor. Could I connect her laptop to this so that I can just switch between her laptop and my computer since her laptop screen is broken? This would keep me from having to keep switching the monitor from one computer to the other.



10 years ago

You can buy USB sticks pretty cheap, and they'd have future use. You might be able to simply remove the hard-drive and plug it into your machine, but I'm not sure whether it will have a different format connector.



10 years ago

you could put things on a rewriteable cds and ut them on another computer then dlete of the cd and do it again or use something like a usb or email it