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Transformer Sandwich Answered

I have a project for college... The assignment is to make an edible or non edible sandwich. I've chosen to make the non edible and I think I'm gonna call it "My Robot`s Hungry"
The materials I'm thinking of using are....
*Speaker wire
*Masking tape
*Duck tape
*Sand paper
*Metal sheets

I have to make it neat because I`m a bit of a perfectionist in general when it comes to these things...Design and wot nots ^^,
I have some wood glue and my Dad who is fairly handy.. Anybody that can blast out an idea...any kind...Blast away... it will be a bit of fun and interesting to read...

Whoop whoop whoop


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9 years ago

You could be minimalist, and simply cut a piece of plywood into the shape of a slice of bread - by ply, it is already a sandwich!

Cheena Tralena
Cheena Tralena

Reply 9 years ago

Nice.. and easy for filling... ;)