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Transistor Answered

I would like to know if someone could draw up a small circuit using  a TIP3055 as a switch for these led lights,Im running these off a small circuit for a pir sensor, that uses a relay, and i want to use a Transistor or a mosfet  because of size. I just cant do the math for the cir.here are the spec. for the led lights."Working input voltage :12vdc working power 36W . working current 5 amp
I know that you have to feed the Base with a lower voltage, and the emitter goes to ground, and the collector get the 12vdc.
tks for the help.
I never was good at algebra in school, don't even remember it,  ha ha ha


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7 years ago

Attached please find an schematic diagram for a 3055 driver for LED pack.
It gets as its input the PIR sensor's relay output and drives up to 5 Amperes into an LED pack.
Be careful as the transistor gets very hot! Use 120 ohm resistor if 220 one does not provide enough current (LED light).
Good luck
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