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Translate Projects Answered

I notice that you are presenting more projects in French and Spanish.

I think this is a very good objective.

But, I am a uni-lingual person (English).

I have tried to get Google to translate these projects, which can be a hassle,

but all the images and their references are lost.

Is there a simple way to get the PDF translated (or have access to an English version)

I'm not suggesting that the original version be dropped, as translations can have errors!

but can an English version be available or a procedure that I could do to get it translated

with the image and graphic content intact?


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4 years ago

You won't find any electronic translator that works properly in all cases - that's why human translators still make good money.
Your request comes up about once every two months and the advise is always the same.
I often just move on when I find an Ible that is not in english as it is too much hassle to get it all right.
Especially in contests I find this rather annoying as some of the projects are quite nice.


4 years ago

Projects are uploaded in the language in which the author writes them - if you need them in a different language, the site lacks the tools to automatically translate them.

So, translation websites are your best option until you can either learn the language involved, or persuade/pay somebody else to translate them for you.