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Translated Instructable - feature request Answered

Overnight, my instructable count went up by one.

Since I haven't posted anything new, I realised that this means that one of my instructables has been translated into another language for one of the non-English versions of Instructables.

It wasn't immediately obvious, though, which instructable or which language.  Jayefuu pointed out the existence of a drop-down menu that had appeared, but that only takes me to the translated project, not to the the translated project on the other website.

Please, can the links between the different language sites be made more explicit?

For instance:
  • A row of buttons across the bottom of the page to switch between language sites (even if they just take you to that site's front page)
  • An option to include other language sites in searches
  • An email from HQ when an instructable is translated, with a link to the translation on the other language site.


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6 years ago

There's a language selector at the bottom of every page (in the black bar).

I hear what you are saying, it'd be nice to have more functionality for translated projects. We're still exploring how this rolls out, so the feedback is appreciated.


Reply 6 years ago

Oh, so there is!

Not very obvious, is it? I know the top section is pretty crowded, but could it be moved into a more obvious location?