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Translated instructable Answered


Today I recognized a translated version of one of my ibles and I'd like to give some feedback about the experience ;)

I think it's supercool someone took the time and made the effort to translate one of my ibles. I really enjoy the fact that people I would never be able to talk to now can read my ible.  That's actually amazing and I'd like to thank you for that!

And I want to share some of my thoughts and feelings about it:


- The first few moments when I realized there was a new instructable existing in my account I was a little bit in shock. 
Don't get me wrong - but my profile feels like my "private" spot on the site. It's a messy place with lot's of weird draft ideas and unfinished instructables. (I would have tidied up if I'd expected guests...) Of course I surmised admins and staff somehow would be able to enter this place - but I feel a little invaded as it actually happened.

  -- I think there are several possibilities to avoid this irritating moment:

-The translator could write a PM before starting the translation. Just to inform the author about there is soon going to be another version of one of your ibles. (This might be a little bit more "paperwork" but could also save the translator some time. There is a chance an author speaks another language and would be able to do the translation him/herself...)

- The translator (or the instructables robot) could send a PM to the author when the translation is published to inform him/her about the new ible. (I'm a sucker for those "your instructable was featured" mails - a "your instructable was translated" mail would make me happy and would help me to forget about the girl's cave invasion) 


- I can't say anything about the quality of the translation since I don't speak spanish - but it seems to me the translator was pretty meticulous on his/her job: the wikipedia links in the instructable are "translated" as well and link now (as far as possible) to the spanish wikipedia. That's thoughtful and I really appreciate it!
(It's a funny thing that, although I can't actually read this instructable, it still feels like "mine".)


I think it wouldn't hurt if the translator adds a very last sentence to the translated instructable like " this instructable was translated by XY" There are several advantages to this info:
- There would be given some credit to the translator
- The people writing comments wouldn't be confused about the combination of a perfectly written instructable and google translated comment replies...

I have no clue who translated my ible. I think it would be awesome if the translator had a instructables profile. I would like to thank this person! 

So this is my feedback, might it be useful...

(Woho! I'm exited about the translation! This is übercool! Thank you! )


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6 years ago

+1 on all of this.

Ben Finio
Ben Finio

6 years ago

Just wanted to second part of this - I was a little surprised one day when I logged in and there were a bunch of drafts in my drafts folder that I didn't create. I remember commenting in another forum thread where staff commented about this, but now I can't find it again...