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Transparent Electrical Insulator Film Answered

For a project of mine I need to apply a <1um thick film that is electrically insulating, but transparent to UVC & UVB (and preferably up to visible). Does anyone have any suggestions?


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5 years ago

You are talking about a micron here, even thin Kapton tape has 3-5 micron depending on the brand.
I highly doubt that you find anything suitable in the open market unless you substitude.
You did not specify the dimensions you need either....
For example normal cling wrap used for your breakfast is very thin and an insulator - but only to a certain degree and quite fragile in terms of mechanical stress.
Mylar is available very thin too but not sure if you can get it that thin.
If by insulating you mean high voltage you are lost anyway with that thickness.


Reply 5 years ago

I don't know anything about insulation but you might try to see if nail polish works