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Treadmill control console Answered

I need information about treadmills control consoles, how they interact with the lower dc controller and why they are not interchangeable with others from another treadmill as they perform the same job?. Thanks.



4 weeks ago

I have taken a few apart to salvage parts until they abondened kerbside collections around here.
So far I have seen three distinctively different types.
1. Just basic speed control with the usual safety.
The dirt cheap ones in this group just have a manual adjustment for the angle, the better ones use a motor and buttons.
2. Speed control with a full H-bridge driving the motor.
Those are usually in the more expensive models.
3. Instead of a normal DC motor some sort of stepper motor or similar is used.
Only had one of those so far and came from made in Korea model.

Except for the last the controller should exchangable if the same type of motor is used.
Only depends on the type of drive signal, either PWM or just a DC voltage.

Jack A Lopez

5 weeks ago

Not all treadmills are the same.

Moreover the choice for communication signals between the user interface, and the what you call, "lower dc controller", is a choice of the person who designs the treadmill.

No doubt there are similarities, and most of these are likely due to lazy designers, who just copy existing designs.

Anyway, what I suggest is asking your favorite search engine to search for images of,

"treadmill internal wiring"


"treadmill wiring diagram"

Then look for those images that look promising, and look into the pages where these images came from.

Hopefully some of these pages, will be authored by thoughtful people explaining how to repair a treadmill.

Including in your search query, the name of manufacturer, and model, for the treadmill you are interested in, can maybe help narrow the number of results, to ones just about your specific treadmill.

Or you could take the covers off your own treadmill, and examine the wires and modules and stuff you find inside. Maybe what you find there will make sense to you.

Also, I suppose you could write to manufacturer, and ask if they have published a service/repair manual, for the specific model you are curious about.

And they'll probably get a good laugh out of that!

What? A repair manual? Don't you know these things are intended to be thrown away the day after they're purchased? Why would we publish a repair manual?

Besides, no one writes manuals anymore, unless it is the form of a blog, wiki, or forum posts, written by amateur users and hackers taking devices apart to discover what's inside... because the manufacturer cannot be bothered to publish a manual, or fears the loss in sales that could result if more of their products were repaired rather than thrown away.