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Treatment of mouth rot in neon tetras? Answered

Hello, my neon tetras are suffering with white blisters round their mouths, I treated them with No 8 Interpet three time in the last month but there has been no change - what should I do? Alice



10 years ago

If you are going to cure them, first you need to put them in a seprate tank for the medicine. If you put them in a seprate tank you will need to remove the carbon in the filter. next find a well known treatment (ask you local fish store for help) and put it in sometimes you don't need to put the fish in a seprate tank for the medicine. its just so the other fish don't get infected. oscar


9 years ago

Water quality is the number one cause of disease in fishes. Please get a master test kit and post the results here for these tests: ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH. (pH can cause other pollutants to do more harm.) Also post the temperature of the tank, using an aquarium thermometer, NOT the heater setting. Heater settings are notoriously inaccurate.