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Tree Trunks - Sap - Lichen - Help! Answered

Hey folks, I would really appreciate advice on my first wood project! I have acquired chopped tree trunks in various sizes, ranging diameter 20-30cm, height up to 50cm. I dont really know the history of the wood but i think it was left out in the rain after being cut. I have stored in my garage now. They are dry to the touch. All trunks are seeping with Sap and the bark is starting to discolour by some form of lichen. My aim was to use trunks as part of a shop window display. The plan was to sand the surfaces of the tops and bottoms, whilst retaining the bark. Treat the trunks with a wood preserver and primer then possibly gloss the whole trunk.  Is it at all possible the sap will stop if i do what im planning? And can the lichen be removed in order for the bark to look more attractive?  I have attached a link to a similar question from a few years ago, unfortunately it doesnt answer my query. Any help and direction is greatly appreciated  Sheena https://www.instructables.com/topics/How-to-deal-with-sap-in-christmas-tree-trunks-you-/


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