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Tree house book Answered

Hello everyone!!

I'm looking for a book on tree house construction. I'm not interested in looking at images of various tree houses that have been built but I would really like to find clever details that deal with the construction of a tree house in a ''tree friendly'' manner. Does anybody have any ideas?

Thank you in advance,


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alison katri
alison katri

1 year ago

Thank you Downunder,

If you ever come across any books or websites please share!!


1 year ago

Did not know of any books or websites but did build some houses...
Problem with the tree friendly approach is time and stability.
Anything that is just wrapped around trunks or branches will sooner or later need adjusting to prevent the tree from outgrowing it.
I usually aim for areas where strong enough branches grow out and use thm as the main support for cross beams.
As there is usually never enough at the same level it means you start with a weird shape and build up from there to get a level floor.

I have also seen the approach of putting the house on strong supports with the trunk going through the center.
This however only works properly if the tree provides enough cover from rain.

I usually decide on a design once I know the tree and was able to do some checks.
Even something as simple as a string line can often give vital clues.
Guess the key really is to be able to envision what is possible given the structure of the tree and the planned size and dimensions of the house.