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True collaboration Answered

I had a crazy idea - a few people will each build a component of an electric bass guitar from scratch, and post an instructable of it. Then, once they have built it, they will send it to instructables hq, where an instructables team member will assemble it. These components are: 1. body - I am volunteering to construct a body out of plastic 2. bass pickups + electronics 3. Neck 4. steinberger style tuning system



10 years ago

i would but limited on time and money, and how would someone build a tuning system from scratch? and the electronics would be hard to build, i have never herd of a home made potentiometer or compactors, or do you just mean make the pickups from scratch and the others are bought (pots, wiring, compactors) and put all together? i would be hard for everyone to match styles and specs


11 years ago

it sounds like a good idea and i would totally do something for it, if i had the money, which is hard to come by if you have no job.