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3D soldiers and aliens on your desktop ! - Augmented Reality Answered

So for the past few weeks augmented reality has been in the news and all over the blogs quite a bit, with smart-phones getting more powerful augmented reality has become feasible.

I get really excited about this kind of stuff, its geeky, techy and i love it.

So obviously i really wanted to try this new "Augmented Reality" software,

There are various applications for iPhones and Android phones but i have a blackberry with no internet so no joy for me there.

There are quite a few different pieces of software for both Mac and PC
But i don't have the latest Operating system for my mac so none of it worked for me.

So then i started looking for online augmented reality, something where i wouldn't have to download an application.

Finally i found a promotional website for the new movie "District 9" The AR (augmented reality) was on the website and you dont have to download anything to use it.

All you have to do is print a marker and hold it in front of your webcam.

This is not the best AR software and the applications you download run smoother, faster and have more features, but it is a nifty piece of of web design and marketing that will give you a taste of augmented reality.

The first time the little 3d soldier pops onto your screen you will be amazed.

The website can be found hereMulti-National United Training

And you can download and then print the marker from that website.

This is a video demonstrating how to set it up, and a demo of the AR if you dont want to try it yourself.

Thanks for reading, Leave a comment saying what you think about augmented reality and how you would like to use it !



10 years ago

My first experience with AR was a cover for Popular Science Magazine. Iagree with the fact that web-based AR isn't the best, but it was stillpretty good overall. I really like the way that USPS uses it, putting anactual-size virtual shipping box on your desk, so you know what size boxto ship items in.


10 years ago

Shouldn't that be AR? What does the G stand for?


Reply 10 years ago

Oops, your right :P I've changed it Thanks


10 years ago

I've been seeing this a lot lately!! I really love augmented realty


10 years ago

fantastic! who's programming our robot?


Reply 10 years ago

That would be awesome, There is one piece of software that models Google sketch-up 3d items. I dont have the right OS right now but soon i will have it and i will make it then !