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Trying To Learn About Differnt Stuff? Answered

Hello,  I am a disabled and housebound 55 year old man living on SSD checks.  I am not ever going to build a project to post on "Instructables",. I just barely got out of High School, and that seems like a hundred years ago, but this website fascinates me.  Before I got sick I could make anything out of wood or steel from junk I picked up I found at the dump.  I certainly am not an Educated Individual, but I am not stupid either, my Wife says I would be dangerous if I knew how to use my fancy digital Multi-Meter.  If I can get it straight in my head I can understand some things, but Electric Circuits and Componentes hit the wall in my brain.  I have never had any Training or Instruction about that kind of thing.  My question is why in the world would I be charged $40.00 (which I do not have to spend), for two years Membership in Instructables, when I am just an old sick man that will probably never even build another camp fire or anything else for the rest of my life?  I was just trying to learn some of this stuff to keep my mind Challenged and Hungry to Learn.  I spend Hours on this computer another man bought for me, so I would not loose my mind sitting here looking at the walls, or watching TV.  I just had to ask this question, to satisfy my Uneducated mind.  Can someone Please, Enlighten me to what the deal is, or is this some Private Covert Club that people like me can't be a member of because I don't know the private words to use or the handshake?


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