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Trying to build a Alternator/generator welder? Answered

Ok im trying to build a Alternator/Generator welder. i want it to be able to do Stick, Mig, and Tig. So other words three different circuts on one board. so i can switch between the three.
1. how should i control current: in between the battery and field post or after from the positive post from the alternator?
2. how to control the voltage: same as number 1 between the batt and field or from the batt post on the alternator?
Also i understand the consant current constant voltage thing. that will be provided on the three circuts.
Right now im just working on the stick welder circut ill ask about the mig and tig circuts later or you can pm if you have any info on them. im just trying to piece this togeather step by step. Any help will be great. and yes i know this is a very big project, and will require alot oof time to do.


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5 years ago

1. If you are using an alternator as the power source, then current output is controlled by the amperage fed to the rotor of the alternator. This can also be somewhat controlled by rpm.

2. voltage output of an alternator varies according to rpm and amperage fed to the rotor. It is typically limited by the voltage regulator to ~14 volts. If it isn't removed/disabled, you're only going to get ~14 volts no matter how fast you spin it or how much amperage you feed the rotor.

An electronic circuit board is entirely unnecessary to stick weld with an alternator.


8 years ago

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Good luck with the project. :-)


Answer 8 years ago

thanks for the advice.