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Trying to connect Samsung mb ph cord to IPad cord Answered

i have s Sansung galaxy S mb ph & trying to connect cords for tethering my Ipad.
is there an adaptor available to join both Usb cords.
thanks Kitty


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8 years ago

If your trying to tether the Galaxy to the iPad to share internet access it won't work. The internet signal doesn't get transmitted through the connectors. If the phone isn't able ot act as a hot spot then the iPad can't share it's 3G connection. If you have a 3G iPad and want to use that data connection with your phone it won't work since the iPad can't share that connection.

If your hoping to exchange files between the 2 devices through there ports you can try using the camera connection kit. Then you can see if the iPad will pick up the phone as an external drive through the USB connection. If that doesn't work then use the card reader adapter in the kit to read the SD card from the phone.