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Trying to find a silicone/rubber/plastic sealer for cedar twigs with needles Answered

hi.  In crafts, I use cedar twigs with the needles attached and do not want to undergo the 5-6 wk process of preserving them with glycerine.  Right now, they are spray painted/polyurethaned.  Have tried glue and hair spray as well.  When these die...they become brittle and shatter at a touch.  I want something clear as  I will continue with the spray paint but need it to keep the needles in place, even if broken.  Any ideas?  Please email ragtag435@charter.net.  Thank you thank you thank you.  : )  Stephanie


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8 years ago

Anything you use that can keep it in tact like you want will require a thick and visible coating. If you spray enough lacquer or dip it in epoxy it should hold together but it will look like it is encased in it and not very natural.