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Trying to give membership to a friend, where to enter the code? Answered

I'm sorry, I've looked all over the site, and even Googled key words, but keep finding broken links.

I'm trying to give a friend a code for a free membership, but the site keeps asking her for credit card info.

I understand the site has been changing lately, but I'm stumped as to how I can help her get the membership logged, and start creating Instructables.

Many thanks!



Best Answer 5 days ago


I think there used to be a link under "Unredeemed Memberships" in the Settings tab on our user pages, where we could input codes we were gifted. However, I'm not seeing a direct way currently, so we'll have to investigate that further.

In the meantime, make sure your friend has created a free account, and is logged in. Then she can go here http://www.instructables.com/payment/redeem and enter the code you've given her.

Let me know if for some reason that does not work : )


Reply 3 days ago

Seamster, thank you so much. It worked that time! :-)