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Trying to identify a few old electronic parts Answered

I inherited several cabinets full of electronic components from a friend's dad who used to work at Apple during the Apple ][ days and although I've identified most of the parts, I needed some help identifying some old Fairchild parts in "plastic can" type packages, and some other miscellaneous parts.

One is labeled "F" (Fairchild logo, I think) μL 91428-750, and has eight leads from a round ceramic plastic-topped package. The only thing I can find in google that American Semiconductor sells it as a "Fixed Positive Voltage Regulator" (but I don't have any assurance this is the same part) but doesn't seem to have a pinout or datasheet: http://store.americanmicrosemiconductor.com/ul91428.html . I've got probably 50 of them, so I'd really like to find out what they are.

Another similar 8-lead round ceramic/plastic can part is labeled "F" μL 90028-807 (and a couple marked 90028-639, is that a date code, 1963?!). Can't find them anywhere on the web at all.

A couple more 1-off chips that I can't seem to find anywhere are labeled:

SCM90058C "M" (Motorola) 8002 (16-pin ceramic DIP)
DTμL93059 "F" (Fairchild) 839 (14-pin ceramic DIP)

Any help you could provide identifying these parts would be greatly appreciated!



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