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Tumblr suggestions? Answered

So, I'm just starting to get into this Tumblr thing (I know, behind the Zeitgeist, but still...).

Do you have any suggestions about who to follow?

I'm looking for Makers, crafters, and other creative folk.
Oh, and I wouldn't mind a few followers myself...

(These are my "new" goggles.)


Penolopy Bulnick

5 years ago

I like Laughing Squid



5 years ago

Here's my tumblr!

And here's a list of my favorites:

- cabin porn! beautiful architecture and some inspirational interiors

- things organized neatly - pretty photography and objects

- craft discoveries - some of the best living/craft projects on tumblr

- those who make - videos & maker profiles SO GOOD

- 52 weeks project - design-y and pretty living/craft/fashion content

- p.s. I made this! - copycat beauty, food, fashion and crafts

- motley craft-o-rama - another craft roundup blog, good for inspiration

- PBS Food - sooooooo pretty

- Smithsonian Libraries - gifs, history, books, fun!

- Frozen Crafts - another nice craft round up blog

- museum gifs - just what it sounds like. awesome exhibits in gif form!