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Turning an RPi into a "Sheikah Slate" (LOZ:BotW) Answered

So recently I've been fiddling around with a few things. Plastic recycling, making a bluetooth game controller, and just being blown away by the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, just to name a few. And after getting a better look at the new key item in the game, the Sheikah Slate, Ive been trying to design one that can do a few of the things the one in the game can do. Im talking about the technical things and not the magical ability things. And just for good measure, throw in portable gaming console for emulated gaming on the go.

So far, I have a few components I can piece together, but there are a few other problems that need solving.

1. Can an Amazon Fire 6" Screen be hooked up to a RPi 2 or higher? And if that's possible, is there any additional components needed to pull that off? (im talking about the screen itself, not the whole device)
2. What capacity of LiPo battery would be best suited for a project like this?
3. Would using Adafruit's "Bluetooth EZ Key" module be good to use as a way to control games on the RPi or a PC emulator?

Im pretty sure I have more questions, but i'll ask em after these are out of the way.


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