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Turning one USB port to two ports Answered

(If this is in the wrong forum, please excuse me and let me know where I could put this.)

Hello all,

I'm in the process of getting my electronics together for doing bikepacking and could use a hint or two on how to resolve this.  Looks like I'm going to have a number of USB powered items that I will be rolling with.  I'm wanting to roll with a small solar panel too to help keep things powered up.  What I have is;

- Nexus 7 pad
- Phone (not sure yet what that will be)
- Cygolite (360 lumens)
- Cygolite Hotshot
- Various batteries, Goalzero Switch, and two of these sticks
- There maybe other items I either would need in the future or I've yet to list.  So one or two other units for the future.

What I'm hoping I'll be able to do is roll with charging these pieces either with my solar panel, or when I stop at either a campgrounds or stop at a eating establishment.  When I do stop at a eating establishment, I'm hoping I could get things charged up as quick as possible.  So I don't want to waste time on a low powered USB port when my item would have taken a high powered USB port.  I assume that would a port that is 5W at 2amps, yes?

So what I was thinking was, I know the AC adapter for the Nexus 7 has a nice high powered USB port.  So that would be one port.  I'm thinking of buying another cause they are pretty lite and compact.  So I would have two nice ports from AC.  (Now comes the more clueless part of me!)  So if I'm using some kind of splitter and splitting these two ports, it would seem that the amps get split in half........right?  Is there a way to avoid this and get something small and compact that would offer me 4 high-powered ports?

Also it looks like the best way to go when I'm on the road is charge up the batteries listed above with the solar panel.  Then harvest what ever I can by the end of the night.

Thanks for reading this and I'm open to any and all comments.  If there's someone blogging about this that knows alot more than I do, please do share!



4 years ago

I got a 12V to 5V step down converter off Ebay for under 10bucks.
Rated at 5amp output it is enough to cater fer my stuff.

If your solar panel is 12V you can hook those converters directly to it.

For the charging itself the Nexus and most Samsung phones can cope with more than the standard charge rate.

This is done by checking for active data lines on the USB port - no data lnes means it is a "mains charger" and the device will charge with full power.
Apple products are bit different as they check the charge current through a voltage on the data lines, I think 2.1V for max charging power.

If you get powered 4 port USB hub you should be fine, if you don't mind the mess take some out of an old computer and wire them up to the converter.


4 years ago

It's 5V at 2A.

You can buy USB chargers that plug into the mains supply, and have two sockets built in.