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Twin blade ceiling fan Answered


I fell in love with the twin-blade ceiling fan pictured at the link below (for some reason the uploader doesn't work in either form for me) , but at over $800 I hate the price tag.  I would like to try and DIY something like this for my new house, but I do not have the electrical knowledge to do it alone.  I figure that if I can find two second-hand desk fans and wire them into a nice light fixture I could get the look I want without the price, but I need to know how to do so safely.  I wouldn't want an electrical fire to burn down my new home!


If anyone knows how to get these things all wired right it would be a great help!



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7 years ago

No big deal there. Replace whatever ceiling fan that is already there with a dual or 4 way socket. Then you can mount the fans as you wish to the ceiling and plug them directly into the sockets. A pair of desk fans won't overload a line feeding a ceiling fan. You can also leave any existing fan in place, remove the blades, and disconnect the fans motor. Then out of the bottom of the fan where the light fixture or option light fixture would go you can wire a dual socket plug or directly wire the 2 desk fans there.