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Twinkling white LEDs + programming led strip on Arduino? Answered

Hi there.
I need to know the code to program about 12 white LEDs on arduino for making them randomly twinkle or something in that nature. I'm currently working on a Disney inspired project in which I recreate one of their firework shows on a model of Sleeping Beauty Castle i made. At points in their shows, there are scattered bright LEDs on the castle that twinkle randomly and fast. I want that effect on my castle too. I also wanted to know how to program a tri color LED strip that i can use to recreate lighting in the show too. Any help is very appreciated! Thanks!!!



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7 years ago

Arduino has a random number calculator to generate a variable to test to see if the LED should blink. You can make the LEDs blink independently by wiring them up to their own arduino pin. Depending on what kind of rgb LED strip it is, they might be addressed by a specific library of code supplied by the manufacturer to drive the light strip. Adafruit.com sells various ones and has tutorials on them. Maybe you can match up something you have and figure it out from there. Good luck.