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Two Color LED help? Answered

Does anyone know how to wire a two color LED?



Best Answer 10 years ago

If it's got three legs, then it's going to be 2 LEDs in parallel with one lead common. You'd connect the common to 0V, and drive each LED through a resistor. If it's only got 2 legs then it's 2 LEDS back-to-back. You'd apply voltage (through a resistor) in one direction for one colour, and in the other direction for the other colour. Poke around with a 9V battery connected to a 1K resistor to see what lights up when. You won't do any damage if you connect things the wrong way around.


9 years ago

if it has 3 legs, put a resistor on the common lead. that's all you have to do. if it has only 2 legs, you use one resistor. the two-color leds are activated sequencially, only one is on at a time. In this case it doesn't matter which lead you install the resistor on.