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Two arduino nano with oled check please help Answered

Hi friends, I connected 2 arduino with i2c data, I'm doing the classic Led flashing, my question is, the master card in the project, counting from 1 to 100 counters, and initially the green LED is lit, when the counter is 80 yellow Led lights up green and 95 when yellow turns off and turns red, the system turns off. And this whole process is being copied to the sd card, the energy is cut off and the counter continues to be nosed when it is given again. Due to lack of memory the need for the second card was born. Now the Master is also on the slave card connected to the slave when it comes to burning operations (when the green LED is lit, the "system is running" while the yellow LED is running "maintenance approached" as the "service time", etc.) did the research but did not get a result. please help