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Two loss wires to solder on stereo wireless hp's, both red, which one goes where using multimeter? Answered

I have two disconnected red wires on the left side cups that need reconnecting to the, -L  & 3V on the board which you can see on the image below.

My question as a multi-meter novice, how do a test to know which red wire goes to which point?

Also is there any danger of overheating the board on so small solder points?

Any help much appreciated



6 years ago

@mpilchfamily, been made busy but trying now.
I'm so green on multimeter so don't know what setting to select, "continuous, DC or what?
Also on the ground point, I see a hole with a label "CGND" on the board, I take this as common ground to stick the black probe too?
Very grateful for your help as the last time this issue accurd AKG Pro repairers charged £175!


6 years ago

Maybe it my system here at work but your links don't seem to work.

Try uploading the images to the site so we can see what's going on rather then trying to go to an outside link.


Reply 6 years ago

Turn on the power and test each wire with the meter. Find a ground point for the black test lead and the touch the red test lead to one of the wires. The one that has 3V on it goes to the 3V and the other goes to the L for the speaker.