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Type of diode Answered

Hey everyone, I recently had an ASUS laptop to repair and after troubleshooting, found some damaged components among which is this surface mount diode (kindly see picture).

I looked around for a datasheet but cannot find anything. Am also unable to find out exactly what type of diode it is from its code marking. I've had results varying from a 'leakage diode' to '3.3V zener diode'. However, I am suspecting it might be a schottky diode since it was in what looks like a boost circuit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Code marking:
98FP1  j

Thanking everyone in anticipation.

Kind Regards,


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6 years ago

I can only assume two connection which would exclude the leakage diode.

Since there are no markings to indicate a diode I assume a capacitor (non polarised).

Problem with SMD parts is that there is little to no standard when it comes to markings, We had diodes on reels that we hd put extra labels on the reels as the markes on them were identical.

The code databases are only helpful for a few vendors but not for any noname product, basically most of the things produced in asia have misleading codes.

Maybe it is possible to find some schematics for the device or detailed repair instructions with part numbers?
Asus is usually well supported in the modding community.


Reply 6 years ago

Hey Downunder35m, Thanks for your reply.

I actually figured it out an hour after posting here but did not have time to post back. And yes, as you mentioned, it is a Capacitor. A 100uF polarized tantalum capacitor to be exact.

Though very fade, if you look closely on the picture, you may notice a grey/white stripe on the right hand side. Which is what initially lead me into thinking it was a diode.

Thanks again.

Kind Regards,