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UK suppliers of pink/blue housing foam? Answered

I can not find any suppliers for housing foam!?
I am looking for big sheets of the foam, I am making a rowing shell and I am going to make the mould and then fiberglass.

This is the project I am going to begin https://www.instructables.com/id/Building-a-Rowing-Shell/

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Best Answer 10 years ago

Try a decent builders merchants, like Travis Perkins, you won't find it in B+Q or Wickes for sure.

Try asking for "blue board"

You MIGHT try "Sheffield Insulations", who have distribution round the country.



10 years ago

Oddly I bought Ping and Blue foam from B&Q and from Focus although they don't always stock it. Kaufman is the main producer and as Steve says almost any Builders merchant will get it for you .

Make sure it is the dense extruded polystyrene rather than the beaded white that they also sell for inter wall insulation

There is also a product called Cellotex - this is a foamed Urethane which depending on your application you will probably want to avoid.

Remember that standard polyester resin will melt the PS foam so you need to source Epoxy resin - A boat yard or chandlers may sort you out - The West system is the best known.


Answer 10 years ago

Thanks for you comment, I thought about the glue melting, but thankfully I have some foam glue form model making.