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US and Canada Contests Answered

I'm fed up I cant enter some contests like the 30-second video contest just because I'm not resident of the US nor Canada. I live in Spain, and when I see a contest I like, it says its only for US and Canada residents. I understand that its easier for Instructables to send the price withing America, but the sending taxes are not so high for them to be a reason of not sending the price. While I was reading the contest rules for the 30-second video I had ideas for 4 different entries. But I'm not going to bother doing them if I'm going to be thrown out of the contest the first day because of my nationality. I think contests should be something international, where everyone could win. That is the spirit of this new era, the internet era. With sites as this one, youtube, facebook, one can really feel as part of the international comunity, where every one, no matter age or race, can be someone. But of course, this "feeling"· of being part of something bigger end by the moment one reads "This contest is limited to legal residents of the United States and Canada, age 18 or older at the time of entry." (I understand the age problem for legal reasons). So, I ask to the team of Instructables to be considerant and to think of all the people living outside the US and Canada that could have a good idea or ideas for any kind of contest. Thanks for all Juanviperea.



10 years ago

Each of these contests is open to international entries:

And quite a number of other, recent contests were.

International shipping is sometimes the reason (have you ever checked the price of sending large items overseas?), but sometimes the reasons are legal (contests can sometimes fall under varying gambling laws), and even anti-terrorism laws have prevented high-tech prizes being sent outside the USA.

I have had a similar discussion with Eric in the past, and the up-shot was, members are perfectly welcome to persuade more local (in your case, Spanish) companies to sponsor contests. I am currently working on a local large company (I am in the UK) to sponsor a contest.

Reply 10 years ago

The forbes contest sais international entries are ok, but afterwards it says This contest is limited to legal residents of the United States and Canada, age 18 or older at the time of entry. i know sometimes is because of legal problems, but I needed like to say that sometims we are excluded, and its annoying..