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USB reader for gameboy Answered


Have you ever needed to transfer a file on one of your USB drives to a second usb drive and dont always have a computer on hand? Sucks doesn't it.. I have an idea to build two usb ports into some kind of device with a screen so that you could transfer files. However this would require a skilled programmer and I am not that. So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. It would be cool to incorporate a gameboy and perhaps make the gameboy into a MP3 player as well.

Just sayin: it would be nice if things like kindles or ipads had usb ports! (thats for any apple employees who may be reading this lol)




8 years ago

I thought in the same thing. And now I dont think is very difficult i can pass you some information I have collected about this proyect and so you can pass me the ideas you have cause it is a very good project and a pretty good idea!