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USB type C Answered


USB type c please?
So I have spent alot of time researching different ways to light small ornament designs. I have considered EL lighting and LED, yet, in order for these lighting techniques to work sufficiently, you need 12v of power. There are Instructables to power these lightning methods per USB, however this ofcourse only provides the lightning with 5v.
What I find quite surprising however is that there are no tutorials whatsoever with the new usb type: USB-C.
Since USB-C can apparently provide 20v I wonder why there is little to no information available concerning these subjects.
Are there technical limitations I dont know about?

If not: would anyone please help me make usb-c powered led strips ^^


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4 years ago

1. You can just replace the resistors on the LED strip with smaller ones to make it work on 5V.
2. If you need USB than usually it involves a computer - a computer also has 12V available on the Molex connectors.
3. USB-C is not really widely available anywhere so I doubt people jump on in just to use it to power a 12V LED strip.

No offence but have you considered just using a 12V power supply?
If you struggle to solder a few LED's onto resistors to do it manually on 5V I fail to see how you would work it out with USB-C...
Don't know where you found you informations but USB-C only provides 5V and a max of 3A.
USB-PD is capable of 5V, 12V and 20V with a max of 100W.
But if you would have found the correct informations than you would also know that you need some additional electronics to tell the port the connected device is actually a battery charger....
All this trouble when a Molex connector or power adapter would be soooooo much easier ;)